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this is first time i am releasing my blogger template or you can say that BlogSpot template. the name of this blogger template is magic of violet. let me introduce to it, it is not an ordinary template like others it the most customizable template because after following the things which i have given below you will definitely believe this

  • it comes with header menu bar which you can change easily customize
  • it comes with footer
  • it comes with rollover header navigation bar images
  • the footer can also be easily customized

here is the snap shot of the template


download demo

  • how to customize header navigation links

this templates doesn't comes with any links in it so you have to manually add the links by doing the steps as shown below.

open your blog layout>page elements than click to the top menu edit link a pop up will come up

configure link list

with the help of this you can edit you header links. on the new site url just paste the url which you want and on new site name just paste the name of that url and just click the add link you link is ready to rock n roll now you can go on adding the links. below you can see that links are which are ready with edit, delete or move that links, with the arrows you can move you links upwards and downwards easily

same way you can edit the footer links and you copyright areas

so now just forget the mind f**king coding and just use plug and play features of this template

to make this template yours just download this link upload it with help of layout>edit html>upload it edit the links as i have shown above and start posting

after uploading the template it will show that some of the components will be removed it is the widgets which you have added so do not take tension ignore that error and upload it

images used to make this template are uploaded to imageshake

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