Amazing photo Manipulation Photoshop tutorials till December 2009

Amazing photo Manipulation Photoshop tutorials till December 2009 here is the great 25 + list of Photoshop photo manipulation tutorials the best on the web today with great techniques and amazing outputs. some of them are gained with simple texturing techniques only. this tutorials are worthy bookmarking so do it and to add to do list

How to Create Cityscape Concept Art

How to Create Cityscape Concept Arttutorial link :

creating a custom city with help of Photoshop for a battle ground

Basic Candy Cane Text Effect in Photoshop

Basic Candy Cane Text Effect in Photoshop

typographic with glossy and texture effects Photoshop tutorials

Brighten your type with this sweet and simple candy cane text effect this holiday season! This easy tutorial is perfect for the Photoshop beginner getting into the holiday spirit.

tutorial link :

Create Awesome Abstract Text Effect with Brush Dynamics and Filters in Photoshop

Create Awesome Abstract Text Effect with Brush Dynamics and Filters in Photoshop an awesome tutorial using brushes styles and filters techniques in Photoshop

tutorial link :

How To Create a Sleek Audio Player Interface in Photoshop

How To Create a Sleek Audio Player Interface in Photoshop


Tags : UI, Audio Players, Photoshop

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to design a sleek audio player interface in Adobe Photoshop.

tutorial link :

Use Inkscape to Create a Grunge RSS Box Icon

Use Inkscape to Create a Grunge RSS Box Icon 

tags : inkscape, vector, icon, rss, box, grunge

How to create an Icon using new features of Inkscape 0.47, such as: gradients, blur, path effects, and mask on texture layer. We’ll be walking through every step involved in creating this grungy RSS feed icon box. There is some great vector material in this tutorial!

tutorial link :

Create Colorful, Layered Paper Type in Illustrator

Create Colorful, Layered Paper Type in Illustrator


Tags : wallpaper, retro, vector

In winter, here in the Ukraine it’s rather cold and snowy, I oftentimes find myself creating colorful illustrations that compensate for the cold weather. Today I will show you how to brighten your mood by creating vivid illustrations with layered paper text and ribbons. We’ll create custom type and use Illustrator effects extensively to optimize our work.

tutorial link :

How to Create a Vector Series of Linear Effects – vector tutsplus

tags : linear effects

"As seen in previous tutorials, a mixed use of distortion filters often yields surprising results. In this tutorial, we will create a bunch of messy hair using distortion filters in quick and easy steps." - Saurabh Sharma


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How to Create an Envelope Icon in Photoshop psd tutsplus tutorial

How to Create an Envelope Icon in Photoshop psd tutsplus tutorial


tags : icon designing, icon.

In this tutorial, you’ll go through easy steps for creating a nice envelope icon. There’s a light use of the Pen Tool in the tutorial, but most of it uses Selection Tools to create this icon. The stamp is also explained in a simple manner. I am sure you’ll get familiar with some useful techniques as you go through!

tutorial link :

How to Create Glass Transparency in a Cute Photo Manipulation by psd tutsplus

How to Create Glass Transparency in a Cute Photo Manipulation by psd tutsplus 

In this tutorial you'll learn how to incorporate glass into your work. We'll learn a good technique for incorporating glass transparency into photo manipulations, while placing a cute, pirate hamster on the high seas. Let's start!

link for tutorial :

tags : Photo Manipulation

must see and do for Photoshop Beginners

must see and do for Photoshop Beginners

If you are going to learn Photoshop using internet than you would not like to miss this tutorials, lessons, and techniques. It is a must see for every Photoshop beginners. There are many tools used in Photoshop for e.g., Brush tool, Selection tool, Shape tool, Rubber tool and many others. there are many tutorials, lessons and techniques on internet but not this much perfect given anywhere i bet you and if you will find like this anywhere than that will be for premium users and really believe me knowledge is increased by sharing not by buying.

blogger template : bluish grey blogger template

specifications of the template

  • 2 column
  • color : bluish grey
  • header navigation menu
  • header image
  • round corners
  • footer links
  • footer copyright area
  • navigation menu comes with rollover images
  • small icons for comments, user, date and labels

blogger template : magic of violet blogger template

this is first time i am releasing my blogger template or you can say that BlogSpot template. the name of this blogger template is magic of violet. let me introduce to it, it is not an ordinary template like others it the most customizable template because after following the things which i have given below you will definitely believe this

Add animated navigation bar or menu to blogger

finished navigation bar or menu

this is my another blogger tutorial for making the animated navigation bar or menu. this tutorial will take around 5 min to install if you know some thing like html or css. don't worry if you don't know i will make simple for the ones who don't any of this. you can see the demo on my only for this tutorial. so lets start it

psd template

prototype compare products contact us products

this is my new psd template for selling on i have not yet uploaded to their site there are some more works to be carried out like naming the layers and help file and other snap shots. i have previously upload the psd templates but they were denied this is second time i am uploading.

my first psd template for sell goes online


after a long time i have decided to launch my own sells but i was not getting any selling sites where i can upload my works there and they provide me just a link share it after searching lot of sites i have found out one which do all this things.

so i have upload it there any who wants to buy it you can download the final zip file and a demo version zip file. the demo version contains only jpeg image of the psd file. the final finished zip file contains a high quality 1 jpeg file and 1 psd file this psd file was made in cs4 version of photoshop and it is fully layered so you can make changes as you want once again here is the download link here

Adding Read More rollover image to blogger

adding read more rollover image to blogger

blogger have now help its user which are using a long posts to break into small parts where in the main page you can see a small portion of the post and clicking on the read more link you can see full post this can be easily done with help of inserting a small code

<-- more -->

Dubai rich but reality is different

DhowCaptain-0501whenever we hear about the Dubai one thing strike on our mind that is they are rich. But does anyone knows how check out this pictures photography by Mike de Lange





indian sadhus with flavour of ecstacy




Unleashing the power of windows live writer with blogger

i was really looking for nice blogging tool which i got it with wlw 2009 really it has changed the world of blogging to me with its lots of features and more.. .

  1. the extra powerful post editorwindows live writer post editor


test test test


90+ great lighting, glowing and shining photoshop tutorials

After searching lots of site finally i have got 90 best lighting, glowing and shining photoshop tutorials. there is some thing common in all this tutorials that is all have used layers styles outer glow more with different modes but still all tutorials have some different quality and different techniques so must see and do photoshop lovers will definitely like this. I know that this post is not well structured because i am learning to blog so please ignore this mistake so enjoy the post
you can follow me on @gravity_boy at twitter   

Create an Intense Movie Poster in Photoshop

psd portfolio theme for psd tuts competition

finally after long time i have submitted my designs for the competition in psd tuts site i have tried my best to make the theme to look good. if it is not selected than i will distribute it free. lets see what happens. please comment on the theme. any critics comments are welcomed
  • here is the home page
Green hemocyanin - home

come back after long time

after a long time i am writing this post, i have decided to write more tutorials in near future currently i was busy in my job hunting so i couldn't give enough time for my blog and with job hunting there was also the psd tuts competition so i was also busy creating theme for that one on photoshop cs4. i will post all the images at first night of navratri. navratri it is the festival enjoyed for 9 days by playing garbas for goddess amba every 9 nights. till than enjoy the life

making the night club shining ball - tutorial

final finished image
in this tutorial we will be making a real like night club disco ball which shining and rotating giving a glamor look disco and night clubs so let start with it

dark bluish carbon headed psd template

this is another website design from my side this template is black colored background and with chrome header and with bluish touch. any suggestion to improve the product will be welcomed so please help me to improve the product
the chrome pattern was taken from
the social icons were taken form
here is the download link
please read the read me file before using the psd
so till than enjoy and fight for fun

clean portofolio psd theme

This is my first psd theme and i have decided to distribute it free so enjoy!!

gravity boy (you just can't escape from me) alias hitesh koradia b. from india

this work of mine is allowed to use for your personal and commercial use. but if you are using it for commercial purpose let me know first

icons in my work were used from please read their license first for their works

the rar file consists of 4 psd files of blog, home, my works, contact me and read me file

for the screenshot images of sites i would like to thanks the sites

enjoy !!! fighting for fun.............

download link

how to make your own glossy gradients - tutorial

make your own glossy gradients in just a seconds i am sure that after this tutorial you will be able to create your own glossy gradients within 10 to 15 seconds. so lets start it

free floral and swirls brushes and vectors download

image hosted by
image hosted by
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image hosted by
image hosted by
image hosted by
image hosted by
6 -
image hosted by
image hosted by
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image hosted by
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image hosted by
image hosted by
image hosted by
image hosted by
13 -

hot list of photoshop brushes sites

here is the magical links of the photoshop brushes sites you can find lots and lots of brushes here with variety like swirls, floral, fractals, abstracts, splatters and more.....


please let me know if any of these links are broken or not

heraldry wallpaper,heraldic stuff

heraldry by ~hitesh19872419 on deviantART
you can download the psd file from the following link, i have created this wallpapers with help of some brushes i will make it available after some time till than u can enjoy the the psd and feel free to enjoy the file, i am looking for some good floral swirl brushes can u please advice me some of them.

magnifying glass hydro icon

magnifying lenses, hydro power by ~hitesh19872419 on deviantART
here is download link of psd file with all layers so enjoy if you are using this file for commercial purpose than please let me know this psd files were made in cs4 and are saved with full other versions compatibility mode so enjoy.....

first post

welcome to the whole new world of photoshop, illustrator. currently i am learning photoshop and illustrator so it will take longer time for me to post new items.