making the night club shining ball - tutorial

final finished image
in this tutorial we will be making a real like night club disco ball which shining and rotating giving a glamor look disco and night clubs so let start with it

dark bluish carbon headed psd template

this is another website design from my side this template is black colored background and with chrome header and with bluish touch. any suggestion to improve the product will be welcomed so please help me to improve the product
the chrome pattern was taken from
the social icons were taken form
here is the download link
please read the read me file before using the psd
so till than enjoy and fight for fun

clean portofolio psd theme

This is my first psd theme and i have decided to distribute it free so enjoy!!

gravity boy (you just can't escape from me) alias hitesh koradia b. from india

this work of mine is allowed to use for your personal and commercial use. but if you are using it for commercial purpose let me know first

icons in my work were used from please read their license first for their works

the rar file consists of 4 psd files of blog, home, my works, contact me and read me file

for the screenshot images of sites i would like to thanks the sites

enjoy !!! fighting for fun.............

download link