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Unleashing the power of windows live writer with blogger

i was really looking for nice blogging tool which i got it with wlw 2009 really it has changed the world of blogging to me with its lots of features and more.. .

  1. the extra powerful post editorwindows live writer post editor


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90+ great lighting, glowing and shining photoshop tutorials

After searching lots of site finally i have got 90 best lighting, glowing and shining photoshop tutorials. there is some thing common in all this tutorials that is all have used layers styles outer glow more with different modes but still all tutorials have some different quality and different techniques so must see and do photoshop lovers will definitely like this. I know that this post is not well structured because i am learning to blog so please ignore this mistake so enjoy the post
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Create an Intense Movie Poster in Photoshop

psd portfolio theme for psd tuts competition

finally after long time i have submitted my designs for the competition in psd tuts site i have tried my best to make the theme to look good. if it is not selected than i will distribute it free. lets see what happens. please comment on the theme. any critics comments are welcomed
  • here is the home page
Green hemocyanin - home

come back after long time

after a long time i am writing this post, i have decided to write more tutorials in near future currently i was busy in my job hunting so i couldn't give enough time for my blog and with job hunting there was also the psd tuts competition so i was also busy creating theme for that one on photoshop cs4. i will post all the images at first night of navratri. navratri it is the festival enjoyed for 9 days by playing garbas for goddess amba every 9 nights. till than enjoy the life